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Bringing a skatepark to your community will address many of the goals local leaders are tasked to achieve for their residents. They understand the need to support the youth who wish to pursue healthy, active lifestyles and provide them a safe, fun, yet contained area to progress in their athletic interests. Grindline has worked with groups around the world to select the best site, design engaging concepts and organize community support for their planned skatepark.

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Grindline’s designs are always developed through connecting active park users and the surrounding community. We promote outreach, input and engagement on every project to identify and focus on common goals to bridge stakeholder groups. Once that bridge is built, the community can see how the varied wants and needs of its members comes together in a park for all to enjoy.


The keystone of our design process is our ability to translate the desires of skateboarders into a park design that has something for everyone. This collaboration gives everyone a voice in the process and provides Grindline an opportunity to learn so much about the unique character of a community. We strongly believe that every project and site deserves a custom design tailored to its' location and both active and passive needs. We incorporate park context, aesthetics, safety, crime prevention, and most of all, the flow of the skate experience in all of our designs.


Grindline Skateparks' Field Crews are masters of cast in place concrete construction. Licensed, bonded and insured nationwide, our construction methods incorporate highly skilled shotcrete, flatwork, masonry and carpentry techniques specific to building concrete skateparks. As innovators in concrete skatepark construction our crews are constantly developing techniques to change the national landscape of skatepark construction as well as regular concrete construction.


Grindline doesn't have "a" style - we are "all" style. Grindline has had the pleasure of planning, designing and constructing the full spectrum of skateparks including street plazas, bowl complexes, and parks with both transitional and street features. Our parks range in size from the largest skatepark in North America to a simple “Skate Dot” obstacle. We design and build all terrain and create the most cutting-edge obstacles, bowls, and street courses out there today. When others want to design something cutting-edge they usually copy one of our signature features. We set the pace of progression in international skatepark design and construction and we are respected as the leaders of our industry.