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Every Grindline skatepark is built by lifelong skaters and former professionals who still remember the joy of being a first-time skateboarder. Grindline’s skateparks are places for everyone who loves skateboarding to come together and share in the fun. We design every skatepark around the Ladder of Progression so that regardless of age or ability skaters will have terrain to skate for life.


Skateboarding may appear difficult and exclusive to those who have never tried it, but anyone can learn to skate if taught properly. In an effort to simplify learning for new skaters, Grindline has partnered with the United States Skateboard Education Association to create specially designed Learn To Skate™ parks for communities.

LTS™ parks are built to help newcomers feel comfortable on their board. Novice skaters of all ages practice the fundamentals of the sport in a highly structured setting before venturing out into the rest of the park. These carefully designed spaces open access to skateboarding by reducing risk and breaking down the basics in a way that makes it easy to learn.

The USSEA offers programming specific to LTS™ parks, enabling communities to develop classes and camps for kids and families interested in learning to skate. An LTS™ park is the first step for many who will go on to skate for life.



Small, carefully placed, low to the ground elements are important for beginner skaters to develop confidence on their board. We include a variety of these basic features into our parks because they see consistent usage by skaters of all skill levels. A less confident skateboarder can safely remain in this zone and enjoy the terrain whereas a more advanced skateboarder can use this zone to practice tricks.



Skateboarding is about overcoming fear and hesitation. Intermediate skaters – the majority of skatepark users – require a place to skate without fear and unease where they refine their skills and learn to consistently control their bodies and boards.  Progress is only possible if skaters have features that allow them to develop control and discover the relationship between elements.  Intermediate areas give beginners something to aspire to and provide advanced skaters terrain to ride and have fun. These features are accessible to the most skateboarders and see the highest levels of traffic.



Skaters will become comfortable on their boards and confident in their abilities over time. Those who advance to a point of control on their skateboards will naturally look for ways to push their sport creatively.  Mastering the hardest maneuvers on the most challenging features in the park requires pushing skills to new levels. Including unique features and a creative connection of obstacles throughout the park draws tourists and pro skaters from around the world. These sessions often find their way into skate magazines and videos.


Ability, age, gender or experience are not barriers to entry at a Grindline skatepark. The team at Grindline has committed the last 28 years to skateboard advocacy through creative and thoughtful skatepark development. We are passionate about bringing skateparks to communities around the world and believe the skateparks we develop will be enjoyed by the skateboarder of today, yesterday, and for generations of skateboarding enthusiasts to come.